Management is complex!

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh, my God! Is it really?

Well, then, if you think so, it’s about time for you to know that the whole of Nature is complex, not just management or business.

And that, because of complexity, the entire world is not clueless or stuck without any tools for making predictions or developing technological applications.

Start from here.

  1. I really appreciate the substance of your note, though the tone is a bit biased and dogmatic. You’re right, many people who apply complexity to management don’t know anything about science. They are the ones who ban certainty, defy Newton, and romanticize the unknown without entering into disciplined inquiry about it.

    There are others, though, who stand in inquiry as they use the scientific method to inform action in social situations. That is the goal of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute and many other scholars adn practitioners. We find that complexity metaphors help us introduce people to opportunities to observe, decide, and act in more effective and adaptive ways. It is the work of some management “scientists” that has been overly preoccupied with certainty. We embrace those approaches and add new opportunities to engage productively with uncertainty.

  2. The Artist says:

    Pop complexity pundits think that in order to «engage productively with uncertainty» one must learn “complexity [metaphors]”.

    Not true.

    The best tool that mankind has devised to tackle uncertainty is the scientific approach ( If more people (managers included) learned the ABC of science’s methods and tools, we would live in a better world and, as a byproduct, we would be better off dealing with uncertainty.

    Science exists because our world is uncertain. Uncertainty was not “invented” with complexity.

    The connection between “uncertainty” and “complex thinking” is not that only the latter may help us deal with uncertainty: the connection is nondeterministic chaos.

    Now: A) That is not but one case of uncertainty which we may be confronted with; B) pop complexity partisans confuse epistemology and practice; C) if one knows nothing of the scientific method they will not understand anything about the nonlinear (a.k.a.) world.

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