Thought of the day

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most of the ongoing “complexity talk”, which has originated after a blossoming of popular literature in the mid-Nineties, is really an anti-scientific outburst.

It is a movement that resonates with the creationism that has taken America by storm over the past decade or so and, like it, is part of a larger cultural megatrend which can be seen at work in most of today’s world: people frightened by a greedy technocracy (in finance, pharma and other fields) and repelled by rationality because they do not understand it and tend to associate it with said technocracy.

Cheap books and a lack of scientific mindedness have fooled “pop” complexity fanatics into thinking that all is chaotic, no predictions whatsoever can be made and Nature escapes human insight entirely. They believe that science is a mechanistic system aimed at turning the world into a final exact equation, a clockwork. Most of them exhibit signs of dogmatism and bigotry, for the very reason that they do not have a scientific mind.

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