Long live Dr. Doom!

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I love Nouriel Roubini wholehartedly. His blog posts and interviews give me amusement and pleasure, for when you’re done with it, nothing worse may happen to you. 

Dr. Doom has figured out exactly how to impress the media and the politicians.

After «predicting» the subprime affair, the 2008 financial disaster and the subsequent economic crisis, he’s long been «predicting» the collapse of the Eurozone: I predict that one day he’ll prove right, as much as you would’ve in 10 B.C., had you «predicted» the collapse of the Roman Empire.

I have never, ever heard anything constructive from Dr. Doom. I wonder what consulting engagements Roubini Global Economics may get, other than ominous hoodoo speeches or funeral ceremonies… 🙂

PS: «To predict» an economic event means to specify its date and magnitude with sufficient accuracy so as to justify the cost of the response.

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