We all love Edgar Morin!

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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LinkedIn Groups about Edgar Morin are starting to appear… About time, at least for those among us who saw La Méthode appearing 25+ years ago.

Morin has a tiny but fanatic following, thanks to his personal likeability and the popularity he acquired during the 1968 student revolts; but also, after La Méthode, thanks to his constructivist position according to which knowledge (epistème) does not exist per se and is built by all of us, inside us, every day -with no need for superstructures like researchers, etc.

morinThe latter idea was obviously immediately popular, and forever will be, among those who, not having spent time to acquire a scientific background, like to think that it is irrelevant. (By science I mean results guided by theoretical models and obtained via organized experimentation, that are replicable by other researchers).

Morin is an admirable writer, a decent philosopher, an intriguing filmaker, a dearest man and a respected public figure. However, when I read (in French) the most critical parts of La Méthode, I could not help but noticing that he had not fully understood the “scientific” aspects of complexity.

As to inter- and trans-disciplinarity, discoveries that fans do not hesitate to attribute to him, these are actually not Morin’s creations as they had been established long before by the cyberneticians, and even earlier, between the two Wars, by the Bogdanov’s and Schrödinger’s of sort. Even though, admittedly, Morin was effective in opposing to the barbarism of specialization.

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