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boeing-787-dreamlinerThe idea that failure to manage increasing complexity could lead to public disasters was born, as far as I remember, at the Club of Rome in the Seventies. Much water has gone under the bridges and tools to measure complexity are beginning to emerge: an essential prerequisite for “managing” anything.

Ontonix is leading this field. While I do not necessarily espouse all their views or agree 100% with their methodology, it is easy to recognize them as being miles ahead of the clumsy talk surrounding “complexity” in its various forms. At Ontonix, complexity is not bla-bla: it is a measurable feature of any system.

Ever since I first reviewed them years ago, their tools have progressed enormously and many are available online for free trial. Just read founder Jacek Marczyk’s commentary on the Dreamliner woes here and get a grasp.